Deer Stalking Workshop - Woodland Hunter £525

Deer Stalking Workshop - Woodland Hunter £525

Come and learn the skills to follow, trail, sustainably shoot and butcher wild deer safely in our private woodlands which are under our managment for education and wildlife conservation. 

Phil is a level 3 tracker and trailer through Cyber Tracker Conservation obtaining 97% in both disciplines and has been training clients on Bushcraft courses and Instructor Programmes for a long time now in animals tracks & sign and trailing. This coupled with his linage of working with firearms in the military for a decade and as a deer stalker since leaving the military makes this a unique course, bringing together a complete package of skills required for the deer stalker. 
This course has been in my mind and under development for a long time now, so its very exciting to be finally able to offer this to our clients. 
Whats it about

Some might ask why learn to shoot a deer? Well its not a easy thing to do and shouldn't be taken lightly but unfortunatley our landscape needs deer managment as we sadly no longer have any apex predators to bring balance to the woodlands. Theres never been so many deer in the countryside as there is now and the consequences of this is damaged and over browsed woods.
Another layer of complexity to this is as deer age there teeth can wear away through there coarse plant and bark diets. As the deer age they starve to death over a period of seasons. This is where predators would come in, harsh but the young and the old would be targeted, whats even more destressing is seeing young deer starve in over browsed woodlands and old deer who cant feed. 
All this means that if like my family you want to be away from the modern meat industry and its practices then we can forefill the role of the predator and as humanly as possible gain acsess to one of the leanest, heathiest meats available in the world. 
This course offers a great insight and experience of sound Practical training to enable you to start your journey into deer stalking. This is also a great way to up-skill and prepare for the Ds1. 
Experience If you Are a complete beginner in firearms or any of the areas covered dont worry, we cover everything you'll need on our comprehensive look at firearms handling and firearms safety throughout the course and theres a handling test prior to range work and zeroing and then again on the range itself. You'll have to pass this test as part of the course to progress to actually stalking understandably. 
There's only two places available on this course at any one time to maximise the chances of success and maximize your training time. 


Course content

  • Introduction to a rifles
  • Law and licensing
  • Fire arms safety & handling 
  • Ammunition covered and shot .22 .303 .308
  • Minute of angle
  • Range Introduction
  • Range safety and ear defence
  • Zeroing and marksmanship
  • shooting positions
  • Optics, moderators and iron sights
  • Rifle maintainance and cleaning
  • Deer identification 
  • Behaviour and ecology
  • woodland stalking 
  • High seat work
  • Gralloch and carcass inspection
  • Extraction options
  • Trailing and deer sign 
  • Deer Butchery


The cost of this course is £525 per person. This includes all tuition, woodland camping, rifle use and ammunition. However if you use more than the allotted rounds per person you'll have to cover the cost of any extra used on the range.  


This course involves the use of firearms and is subject to the law with regards to who can possess and/or use a firearm. You'll will be asked to make declarations to this end and must ensure you are in a position to do so. This is further explained upon booking via joining instructions. You'll have to make certain declarations and abide by our code of conduct under our terms and conditions.  


This course is not catered although drinking water and tea & coffee will always be available round the brew fire. further details are found in the joining instructions. 

Course size 

2 max 


Near Heathfield East Sussex 


The course is set entirely in the outdoors from our comfortable expedition style camp. Approipriate warm outdoor clothing is required. 


Woodland camping is included at no extra cost 

Upon booking you'll recieve in-depth joining instructions in the form of pdfs with a recommended kit list, directions. course information and Medical form. Please do check your spam folder after booking as sometimes emails with attachments are filtered out your inbox. 

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A picture paints a thousand words so please check out our social media to see pictures from the workshops.

This is a adult course only. 


We Feel reviews help others make informed decisions on our courses and products, please take a read of the genuine reviews from our clients on the rewiew page.  

For Any further questions please feel free to contact us directly. 

Dates & times  

April 2024  

Thu 4th - Fri 5th - Sat 6th - Sun 7th of April (FULL)

Thu 11th - Fri 12th - Sat 13th - Sun 14th of April (FULL)

November 2024 

Thu 7th - Fri 8th - Sat 9th - Sun 10th of November ( FULL)

Thu 14th - Fri 15th - Sat 16th - Sun 17th of November (FULL)

April 2025 

1. Thu 3rd - Fri 4th - Sat 5th - Sun 6th of April (1 place available)

2. Thu 10th - Fri 11th - Sat 12th - Sun 13th of April (2 places available)

November 2025 

3. Thu 6th - Fri 7th - Sat 8th - Sun 9th of November (1 place available)

4. Thu 13th - Fri 14th - Sat 15th - Sun 16th of November (2 places available)



Select the workshop you'd like from the drop down box below.  


The course is run over 3 days, however you can arrive the night before to set up your tent/tarp at our hunting/expedition style camp. Please arrive on the first day between 5-5.30pm where we'll meet you at the woodland entrance. Please do not enter the woods before this time

There is usually a waiting list for this course so please email us to be added if theres no places available. Places are updated as soon as there booked, theres also other dates in the course calender put aside but we only advertise them as the dates fill.

If you've never been on a course with us before it may be helpful/advisable to contact us prior to booking for this course so we can advise you on its details. We do prefer to already know the clients on this particular course. 



James Richardson

"I have just completed the three-day Deer Stalking - Woodland Hunter course and want to thank you, Phil, for a one-in-a-kind weekend! You were very welcoming and easy to be around and your passion for all you do is really inspiring. I felt your knowledge was extensive but not overwhelming and your hands-on, practical approach to learning was really immersive. You led Jim and I through expert (and patient!) tuition on firearms safety, range shooting and several fully-focused stalks. And when we eventually took the life of that roe buck it felt like the furthest thing from 'blood sport'. The gralloching and butchery afterwards just affirmed the mindful and conscientious approach you take to deer management in your woodlands. As I drove home at the end of it all, with a bag of venison, I felt I had journeyed through an invaluable lesson in accountability as a meat-eater. It's good to know you're out there doing what you do!"



Josh Smith 

'The stalking workshop was even better than I expected. The course delves into the intricacies of deer ecology, rifle zeroing, balistics and maintanence, the gralloch, and my favorite part, the stalk. I have never felt such a profound feeling of presentness and connection to the natural world, as well as our ancestral past, than moving throughout the landscape to get close to quarry. Phils expert guidance has enabled me to witness the happenings of the woodland community to a degree I have never experienced before. I have learned so much about track and sign, as well as how local knowledge of deer behaviour is essential to a successful stalk. I can't recommend this course enough!'




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