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Providing Bushcraft workshops, Bushcraft courses & Bushcraft qualifications from our ancient woodlands

Phil Brooke Longbows is based in a beautiful private woodland in the heart of the high weald, East Sussex, where Phil is the woodland manager. We manage the woodland traditionally through our Bushcraft workshops and Bushcraft courses that we've been providing UK wide for nearly 15 years. Our primary management objectives are wildlife conservation, Habitat restoration, nature & Bushcraft based education.

Phil is a Woodsman, Bushcraft Specialist & Traditional Bowyer. He Founded Chosen Paths Bushcraft in 2011, and since then the company has evolved into Phil Brooke Longbows - The Way Of The Woods. Our primary role is teaching a broad spectrum of subjects from Traditional Bow Making, Bushcraft, Deer Butchery, Woodcraft, Natural Navigation, Plant & Tree Lore, Animal Tracks and Sign and more. Phil has also been connected to the Woodcraft School in Midhurst for over ten years, initially as a student then Bushcraft instructor and has been the Chief Instructor for more than 10 years now. Our products and Bushcraft courses are reguarly updated so please browse the site, and if you require any further information please use the contact us form to speak to us directly. Phil. 

Bushcraft Workshops

"Bushcraft is about the skills and knowledge that allow you to thrive in a raw natural environment. Time tested techniques, often passed down by aboriginal peoples, and simple yet robust tools that strive towards self-sufficiency. Bushcraft is about being resourceful and engaging in the natural world"

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